Estate Diamond Jewelry

The Best Locations in NYC for Vintage Engagement Rings

New York has a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading jewelry centers in the world. As well as one of the biggest diamond trading districts, the city has some of the best dealers in jewelry of all kinds, and especially vintage engagement rings. Here we take a look at some of the very best New York has to offer.

Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry, or EDJ, at 608 Fifth Avenue is one of the leading dealers in vintage engagement rings anywhere. In more than 30 years of business, they have collected a stunning range of outstanding antique and vintage jewelry with a particular emphasis on art deco engagement rings. They have many unique engagement rings from just about every renowned jewelry designer around the world, including signed pieces by the the likes of Tiffany & Co., Cartier, J.E. Caldwell and more.

One of the things which separates EDJ from the rest is the outstanding level of customer service they bring to any conversation or transaction. The staff are intimately familiar with all the rings they have in the catalog, and will happily suggest excellent alternatives if the ring you wanted is no longer available. Emails and phone calls are responded to within the hour, and they will even send rings to your home for you to view in comfort, upon receipt of a full security deposit.

Finance is available, all shipping is free and, unusually for jewelers, they even have an app available which shows their entire catalog.


Tel: (212) 265-35268

Dana Walden Bridal

Dana Walden and wife Rad have built a reputation for producing exquisite, bespoke engagement rings, as well as having a quite amazing collection of vintage rings in their collection. They have a firm belief that jewelry is art, and base all their pieces, whether designed in house or bought from a hand-selected, worldwide network of dealers, on this principle.

Rad Walden is renowned for her attention to detail during the entire process of creating engagement rings, with every step from the first design draft to the final construction being scrupulously monitored. This keen eye also the one responsible for their vintage collection.

Dana Walden Bridal offer an annual cleaning service for free when you own one of their rings, and pride themselves on building lifelong relationships with all their customers.


Tel: (347) 770-3262

Catherine Angiel

Catherine Angiel is very different from most New York jewelers. Not just because her store is located in Greenwich Village instead of on 5th Avenue, but because her background is also somewhat different to what you might expect for someone who deals in high-end vintage and custom jewelry.

Angiel’s designs, whether vintage-inspired or completely bespoke, come from a lifetime of experiences which only New York can provide. Once the drummer for a rock band who opened for punk legends Blondie, Catherine Angiel brings every ounce of grit as well as glamour to what she does, and this has meant a collection worthy of any gallery, and in surroundings which mix old school rock ‘n’ roll with a new school approach to engagement rings.

Angiel has won many awards, and is fast gaining a clientele from around the world for her Village studio.


Tel: (212) 924-4314

Dale Fournier

Dale Fournier got her first close-up look at jewelry when she swallowed her grandmother’s antique ring as a small child. This sparked something in Dale which set her off on a path to becoming one of New York’s most respected dealer of vintage and antique jewelry.

Where Fournier differs from many in her industry is that she is a qualified gemologist, which gives her a technical expertise to take her that step further than most when examining and using precious stones in jewelry designs.

Her legendary level of sensitivity to what a client needs brings people back to her time and time again, and her natural warmth and genuine personality means customers often become friends in an industry in which just beating the opposition is all too common an aim.


Tel: (212) 691-4551

Stephen Russell

Stephen Feuerman and Russell Zelenetz, the eponymous owners of Stephen Russell, have over 25 years experience in fine vintage and antique jewelry. A mutual love of Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco jewelry brought them together and inspired them to create one of New York’s finest collection of vintage engagement rings.

As with many jewelers Stephen and Russell are collectors as much as they are dealers, and it is this collecting philosophy which shines through in every aspect of their catalog of engagement rings and other pieces.

Darlings of the fashion world, Stephen Russell are frequently asked to accessorize the clothing collections of world famous designers, both on the cat walk and the red carpet at events all over the world.


Tel: (212) 570-6900