Diamond Fluorescence

Why Do Some Diamonds Fluoresce?

Some objects, when seen under an Ultraviolet (or “black”) light will appear very white to the naked eye. This can be clothing, purpose-made party products and even teeth. But it may come as a surprise to know that approximately 30% of diamonds exhibit visible fluorescence. It’s easy to assume that anything which makes a diamond…

Emerald and Floral Engagement Rings

Top 8 Most Famous Emerald Rings

Emeralds make some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. In history, influential people worldwide have bought emeralds for themselves or their loved ones. Here are some of the boldest and the biggest emerald pieces that have made it to history books. Emeralds are also the Birthstone for the month of May.

Vintage Engagement Rings

What Are Vintage Engagement Rings?

Vintage engagement rings are, as you might expect, engagement rings over a certain age. There is often confusion generated (sometimes deliberately!) when “vintage”, “antique” and “retro” get used interchangeably, but they all actually mean very different things.

Instagram Jewelry Accounts

Top 15 Instagram Vintage Jewelry Accounts

Even with the best website design it often isn’t practical to show every single item in a collection on any subject, once the size of that collection passes a certain point, but this is where services like Instagram come in. With the ability to post an entire portfolio of images, suddenly showcasing your best work…

Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are so many famous celebrity engagement rings and we wouldn’t be able to list them all. Here is a list of some of the more notable examples. Feel free to add more famous celebrity engagement rings in the comments below.

What is Masterpiece London?

Masterpiece London is one of the most prestigious art and jewelry fairs in the world. The exhibitors at the international cross-collection fair display museum quality art, objects and jewelry. Though the show is not large, the presence is very important.

Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

Given the current celebrity trend for engagement rings that contain large, impossible-to-ignore diamonds, it’s easy to forget that designs haven’t actually changed all that much in the last one hundred years. It’s true that the center stones today have increased in size as the relative wealth of the wearer has increased, but the basic style…

Vintage Earrings

Five Epic Art Deco Earrings

It’s hard to come by genuine Art Deco jewelry, especially pieces of quality. Most of the stuff out there is either poorly made new imitations or shoddily made pieces that couldn’t possibly be worn. I’m sure there are some more Art Deco pieces but I’m only including the ones available for the public to purchase,…