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Best Online Engagement Ring Stores

The beauty of the internet is that everything – and we mean everything – is but a few mouse-clicks away. Of course, that includes engagement rings. But how do you know which online stores are great and which maybe aren’t so good? As with anything, when you buy without seeing the item, or without the…

Review of the UGL Labs

Review of UGL Labs

Quite curiously, for an industry worth so much, diamond buying and selling don’t have too many regulations. Kimberley Process and conflict diamonds aside, there are actually very few rules on who can buy or sell diamonds. Nor are there any rules on the quality of the diamonds on offer. There are consumer laws which say…

The Guide to Colored Diamonds

The 4Cs of diamond grading are Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. The first of those, Color, is based on how clear or “white” the diamond is, with no color at all actually being the most desirable color. However, there comes a point where diamonds which contain color become desirable. Partly because of the unusual effects…

What Is A Mourning Ring?

We often commemorate the happy occasions in life such as engagements and weddings with the giving of rings, but we rarely do the same upon the death of a family member or friend. This is despite the tradition of mourning rings dating back to the 14th century. The fact is, until the Victorians turned mourning…

synthetic diamonds

How To Identify Synthetic Diamonds

The fact is, we can’t, none of us. At least not by eye, and not even when using a 10x loupe. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be vigilant, especially if we truly prefer our diamonds to be completely natural. But this is where the problems really start. Because synthetic diamonds are completely natural in…

Determining The Value Of An Old European Cut Diamond

Diamond grading and, by extension, valuing is actually a complex process. It’s not as simple as just checking the Four Cs, and grading it accordingly, the fact that the various cuts have undergone changes and improvements in cutting techniques means putting a value on any diamond is difficult. This is especially true with stones that…

Emerald and Floral Engagement Rings

Top 8 Most Famous Emerald Rings

Emeralds make some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. In history, influential people worldwide have bought emeralds for themselves or their loved ones. Here are some of the boldest and the biggest emerald pieces that have made it to history books. Emeralds are also the Birthstone for the month of May.

Vintage Engagement Rings

What Are Vintage Engagement Rings?

Vintage engagement rings are, as you might expect, engagement rings over a certain age. There is often confusion generated (sometimes deliberately!) when “vintage”, “antique” and “retro” get used interchangeably, but they all actually mean very different things.