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Review of GAL Gemlab Certifications

When it comes to gemology, accuracy, precision, and trustworthiness are very important. It is important for both professionals and amateurs who want to identify, grade, and authenticate jewels GAL Gemlab Certifications is here to make sure that the certificates they have are real. Out of all the well-known institutions in this field, GAL Gemlab comes out as the most knowledgeable and reliable.

This article goes into great depth about GAL Gemlab certifications, explaining how they work, what their standards are, and how important they are in the gemological community. We are going to try to figure out what GAL Gemlab certifications are all about and how they affect the diamond business, from the specifics of their grading standards to the fact that they are recognized all over the world.

Who is GAL Gemlab?

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For over 30 years, the Gemological Appraisal Laboratory of America (GAL) has been a global leader in gemological appraisal. Led by Travis Lejman and Joshua Lents, GAL’s expert Gemologists, all graduates of the Gemological Institute of America, offer trusted services recognized by retailers, private jewelers, wholesalers, and insurers worldwide.

Founded in 1979 by Kenneth A. Lejman, GAL has become a cornerstone of New York City’s Diamond District, providing accredited appraisal reports to industry professionals and government organizations. Their seasoned team of experts, with expertise spanning every facet of the industry, ensures precise, accurate assessments, saving clients from potential regret and financial losses. Through ongoing education and collaboration with the International Consortium of Gem-Testing Laboratories (ICGL), GAL continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, offering stress-free and informative experiences for clients seeking gemological expertise.

Gal Gemlab Laboratory Services

A lot of pieces of diamonds

GemLab’s lab reports and appraisals are trusted by law enforcement, insurance companies, retailers, and jewelers all over the world. They are also trusted by consumers like you who want the most accurate and reliable assessment in the business. Here’s the list of their laboratory services.

  • Gemstone Identification Report – Get a Gemstone Recognition Report for authenticating and valuing diamonds and colored stones. The report includes material type, measurements, quality, weight, and a high-resolution close-up image of the gemstone.
  • Gemstone Identification w/ Origin Report – All of the information in the Gemstone Identification Report plus the area where the stone was found. There are tests done to find out where the material came from and how it was made.
  • Diamond Grading Report – A diamond report covers shape, color, clarity, and weight. It includes maps of inclusions and measurements for identification.
  • Pearl Grading Report – When comparing pearls to diamonds or colored stones, they are all very different and have their own set of rules for how to grade them. Some things that only pearls have, like their shine, overtone, and surface features, are very important in determining their value.
  • Sarin Report – A Sarin report is a thorough list of all the measurements and angles for each facet, depth, table, and angle. These are needed to plan and re-cut a diamond, make a mounting fit very specific requirements, or figure out the best proportions for a game like “Hearts & Arrows.”
  • Identification of Treatment(s) – Gemstones are often treated in secret using technology to make them look better. This is important to consider when buying a diamond. A natural blue sapphire is rarer and more expensive than a treated one that looks the same.
  • Natural versus Synthetic (lab created) Verification – Differentiating between natural and synthetic gemstones can be difficult, especially as technology advances.

Gemlab Jewelry Services

Guy doing work with jewelry

GemLab does more than just lab reports and gem appraisals. They also offer buy advice, verbal evaluations, photography, and laser engraving. Here’s their Jewelry Services:

  • Jewelry Buying Consultation – We help make buying gold in the Diamond District easy. Since we don’t buy or sell, you can trust us to teach you how not to get ripped off. We believe we have to clear up any confusion and make this process less upsetting and hard to understand.
  • Verbal Pre-grade/Evaluation – You liked jewelry or a diamond. Check it before spending money. Consumers in the Diamond District often doubt the jewelry or diamond seller. As a customer, you should check things before buying to ensure what was advertised is accurate. We will discuss the quality, value, and price to ensure you understand. This protects you and your investment.
  • Legal Statement/Expert Witness – Attorneys sometimes request a certification of authenticity or quality to aid in dispute settlement. We will travel off-site and help make any written or verbal statements to give the case the most precise facts.
  • Professional Photograph – Do you sell jewelry on eBay or your website? Taking good shots of each item is better for you. Their in-house photographer will take professional, sharp, and well-organized photos of your gemstones and jewelry. Jewelry and gemstones are tiny mirrors that reflect light in every way, making it nearly hard to capture their entire beauty without adequate equipment and skill. We also have a Photoshop expert on staff.
  • Laser Inscription – Miniature laser inscriptions are invisible. This service can be asked to inscribe personal messages or a lab report number that identifies the gemstone on the gemstone’s girdle.

Gemlab Appraisals

Gemlab appraisal to a diamond

Evaluating a gem, piece of jewelry, or watch properly requires both advanced lab equipment and the ability to understand what the test results mean. Insurance companies, law enforcement, retailers, jewelers, wholesalers, and customers just like you who need the most accurate and reliable appraisal in the business trust GemLab’s reports and appraisals.

Here are the appraisal services they offer:

  • Insurance Appraisal – If there is ever a claim, the insurance assessment shows how much it would cost to buy a new piece of the same kind. Value is usually good for 3 to 5 years. After that, it needs to be updated to represent the current market value.
  • Wholesale Appraisal – Wholesale appraisals determine value in a wholesale market and depend on market conditions. Prices fluctuate based on diamond, stone, metal, and production costs.
  • Estate or Fair Market Appraisal – An estate or fair market estimate shows how much the item(s) would sell for if the owner had to sell them now, based on how the market is doing. In general, it’s only true for the current state of the market, which changes a lot throughout the year.

Appraisals are available on the following:

  • Jewelry (Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets…etc.)
  • Watches (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Piaget, Omega…etc.)
  • Pearls (South Sea, Akoya, Freshwater…etc.)

At GAL Gemlab Certifications, their appraisals guarantee the following:

  • Confidence – The method is easy. Everything is done right before you. Their receptionist can answer any basic questions before you meet your Gemologist when you enter their office. Once you meet the Gemologist, you can ask them more questions about your diamond or jewelry.
  • Expertise – After measuring and estimating gemstone/diamond weights, your item(s) will be assessed for quality and craftsmanship. This appraisal will document quality, dimensions, and authenticity. A photo will accompany the report. Each item usually takes 20–30 minutes. Your gemologist will advise on maintenance and evaluation renewal.
  • Certification – Their Gemologists are all GIA graduates and have 10, 20, or 30 years of experience in design, production, luxury sales, and corporate and legal consultation in the gem and jewelry industry.
  • Trust -Rest assured that when you buy or receive a gemstone or jewelry item, they will make sure you are not “ripped off.” Their services guarantee a fair assessment of your purchase, and they will verify that it matches what was advertised. You will leave their office with newfound confidence in your gemstone and jewelry expertise, whether you visit them in-store or online.

Gemological Appraisal Laboratory of America is a proud member of:

  • GIA Alumni Association
  • National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
  • International Consortium Gem-Testing Laboratories
  • Gemological Association of Great Britain

Overall Thoughts about GAL Gemlab

Overall, GAL Gemlab is a well-known and trusted name in the gemological field, known for its dedication to accuracy, knowledge, and honesty. Yet, With a strong background in gemological science and a commitment to giving accurate evaluations. GAL Gemlab has become a respected leader in identifying and rating gemstones.

Indeed, GAL Gemlab Certifications is the best at analyzing and grading gemstones because it has the right mix of knowledge, technological prowess, and morals. GAL Gemlab always gives reliable results, whether clients want certification, authentication, or consultation services. As has been noted, this is why people in the gemological world trust and respect them. After all, You can book an appointment here.

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