What Is The Best Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

Did you know that the average engagement lasts for 14.5 months? Generally speaking, it can take a year or more to plan a wedding, especially if you factor in how far in advance you need to book the date of your chosen venue. This brings us to our questions. Does the day the question is popped mean you might pay more for your engagement ring? Well, yes.

There’s never a wrong time to buy an engagement ring of course but, it is true that some times are more right than others, if budget is important or if you want to have an expanded choice through which to browse.

As with any retail market, jewelry goes in cycles. There’s a reason why the period from November to February is called the “Engagement Season”, and so discounts don’t usually appear until afterwards, although in recent years stores have started to put items on sale during the engagement season. Around Valentine’s is another huge selling period for jewelry stores, especially on – you guessed it – diamond engagement rings. We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy at these times, just that you might pay a little less if you avoid the relative buying frenzy that occurs on diamond rings in this period.

You want to get married, and you’d like nice weather for your big day, so what dates do you look for when starting to organize the wedding? Late-spring to early Autumn are easily the most prized times to get married but, for retailers of all kinds, these are also the slowest months for sales. Vacations, and other seasonal events or activities mean sales take a big hit and, as a result, it can be extremely beneficial to shop during these months.

Because of the lower demand for diamond engagement rings in summer, prices are usually lower, sometimes significantly. You’ll never see a jewelry store advertise a discount sale in the summer, because such things carry a perception of a store that is struggling and, in jewelry, image and reputation are very important. Instead, prices will just be lowered quietly, and the store staff will also probably be much more amenable to the thought of negotiating instead of letting you walk away.

The other benefit of shopping in slow periods is that store staff will tend to be much more attentive. Mainly because they need to make sales, but maybe even partly because it’s a long day when there is little to do and they are grateful that you’ve walked through the door. What this means, in practise, is that you get to see more rings, at better prices, and you might even make a friend. This can come in handy for any future dealings with the store on things like valuations or cleaning and repairs.

But, you know, there are other nice little benefits to shopping in the summer. The weather is nice, the parks are beautiful, you can have lunch al fresco and the overall experience is just such a step up from freezing rain and wind, and being grateful for a cup of hot coffee.

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