Online Engagement Ring Stores

Best Online Engagement Ring Stores

The beauty of the internet is that everything – and we mean everything – is but a few mouse clicks away. Of course, that includes engagement rings. But how do you know which online stores are great and which maybe aren’t so good? As with anything, when you buy without seeing the item, or without the personal contact of talking to a real person, risks are present. But don’t worry, we’ve fished around to bring you some of the ones we think have all you need.

1. Blue Nile

Blue nile Ring Necklace and Earrings

Blue Nile was just about the first dealer to cut out the often many layers involved in diamond buying. This approach was very successful and, although still a massive name in loose diamonds, they are also very big in jewelry, including engagement rings. The site feels a little more crowded than Estate Diamond Jewelry and James Allen, but not necessarily so.

You can choose every part of your ring separately, and see it come to life before your eyes. Choose a diamond, choose a setting, choose a metal, it’s all up to you. Because they have such buying power, their prices are also very competitive. If you’d rather browse their ready-to-wear rings, you can do that too. As a website, it is excellent. As dealers, they are right at the top of the tree.

2. James Allen

James Allen Engagement Ring

For everything we’ve said about Blue Nile, just swap the name for James Allen and you have one of the very best. James Allen was the first to really integrate ring design into their website. Although others have caught up since they are still the leader in the art. Like Blue Nile, James Allen also has a wide range of engagement rings ready to buy. Most rings on their website have 360-degree viewing available, which can help tremendously when choosing.

Once you’ve chosen your ring, the checkout process is flawless. Just choose your ring size, and that’s about it. Easy to use, and the range of rings available is mind-boggling!

3. Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry Shop transaction

One of New York’s premier stores for antique and vintage engagement rings. Fortunately, they also have a fantastic website. The images are clear and crisp, and all the details you need about any ring are right there. If you don’t see what you want, expert help is just a phone call away. They also have a very informative and very readable blog, offering advice and information about many jewelry topics.

If that’s not enough, EDJ also has one of the most popular lifestyle apps in the App Store. The app will allow you to digitally try on a range of rings in the comfort of your own home. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it’s a must-have.

4. Nida Rings

Nida Rings

It may seem a little strange to put an Etsy trader in the same league as the illustrious names here, but Nida Rings isn’t your average cottage industry ring maker. Nida Tariq, the owner, puts her heart and soul into every single, handmade ring. Over 9 years her reputation has grown to the point where it’s impossible to find an unhappy customer.

Of course, having the technical backing of Etsy means Nida Rings can just get on with the task of making stunning engagement rings.

5. Trumpet and Horn

Trumpet and Horn jade ring

If ever there was a prize for the best jewelry business name ever, it would be T&H. Disappointingly, nobody, there is called either Trumpet or Horn. But that’s the only disappointing thing about their website. With a team of renowned specialists, dealing in antique rings, there’s something here to light up everyone’s eyes. If we have one complaint, it’s that the shop page is just too long as it keeps adding products to the bottom. It’s better to refine your search to avoid simply being overwhelmed with choices. After that, though, the clean, uncluttered layout is very much in keeping with the other antique ring dealers on this list.

One of the joys of the T&H site is that, if it is known, they have the history of the ring on its product page. Some have a sentence or two, and some have much more. Altogether, it makes browsing a delightful experience.

6. Tiger Gemstones

Tiger Gemstones Ring

For our last choice, we’ve chosen another Etsy dealer, but one with a difference. Buying an engagement ring can be a costly experience. Diamonds, after all, aren’t cheap. If an antique engagement ring is just too rich for your pocket, you do have choices. Tiger, instead of using natural diamonds, uses stimulants such as Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia. Although they wouldn’t pass an expert’s eye as alternatives to natural diamonds, they are a very cost-effective way of getting pretty close.

Tiger’s designs are excellent, which is why we include them here. At a glance, you would never know that these aren’t rings costing a hundred times as much.

7. Jared

Jared Rings

There are a lot of rings that Jared can pick from for you. You can make an appointment online, buy a ring that is already made and ready to ship, or create your own engagement ring to make it unique. Vera Wang and Pnina Tornai have collections at Jared, as well as a variety of rare rocks and colorless diamonds.

One thing that makes JARED stand out is that it cares a lot about customer service and happiness. They often stress that shopping there is a personal experience, and their staff is trained to help customers find the right piece of jewelry. JARED also offers services like gold repair, cleaning, and customization, which makes it more appealing to people who want to shop for jewelry.

People also remember JARED because of its marketing efforts, which often use catchy slogans like “He went to Jared,” which have helped people remember the brand.

8. Mejuri

Mejuri Rings

Mejuri has a lot of different kinds of engagement rings for both men and women. Some of its rings are very light, others are heavy, and all of them are in style right now. The rings are made of 14k or 18k gold and diamonds that were gathered ethically. You can customize the ring in many ways to make it unique for you and your loved ones. We’ve looked at a lot of different pieces of jewelry from this company besides engagement rings and have been pleased.

One of Mejuri’s best qualities is that they only use materials that are gathered ethically, like recycled metals and diamonds that have not been involved in any conflicts. This makes sure that their products are not only beautiful but also good for people and the earth.

Another thing that makes Mejuri stand out is that it puts the customer first. The brand has a program called “try-before-you-buy,” which lets customers order up to three pieces to try on at home before they buy them. Shopping at Mejuri is also easy because they offer free shipping and simple returns, which makes it handy for customers to buy jewelry online.

9. Zales

Zales Rings Necklace and bracelet

It’s possible that Zales is one of the oldest jewelry shops on our list. It opened in Texas in 1924. Its stores are easy to get to, and you can look online or in person. It is one of the biggest jewelry stores in the US. The company sells diamonds, gemstones, and lab-made jewels at reasonable prices that come from ethical sources. There are also special collections of engagement rings at Zales, such as Enchanted Disney, Kleinfeld, and Vera Wang.

One of the most important things about Zales is that it tries to give customers a wide range of jewelry choices to fit their tastes and budgets. Zales wants to have something for everyone, whether they’re looking for basic pieces that will never go out of style or more modern designs that are right on trend.

Not only does Zales have a lot of great goods, but it also has great customer service. The business wants its customers to have a good shopping experience, and its staff is ready to help with any questions or problems.

10. Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds Rings

Helzberg Diamonds has a long history of offering high-quality jewelry and great service. The jewelry business giant was founded by Morris Helzberg in 1915.

Online store lets people shop for jewels from home. The website sells intricately designed engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Customization is a highlight of Choose the metal, gemstone, and setting to design a unique piece of jewelry. The website also provides ring sizers and diamond education materials to help clients choose.

Have a look, you might be surprised. Click here for more Sam’s Blog.

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