Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are so many famous celebrity engagement rings and we wouldn’t be able to list them all. Here is a list of┬ásome of the more┬ánotable examples. Feel free to add more famous celebrity engagement rings in the comments below.

Vintage Earrings

Five Epic Art Deco Earrings

It’s hard to come by genuine Art Deco jewelry, especially pieces of quality. Most of the stuff out there is either poorly made new imitations or shoddily made pieces that couldn’t possibly be worn. I’m sure there are some more Art Deco pieces but I’m only including the ones available for the public to purchase,…

Top Five Antique Jewelry Tumblr Accounts

Tumblr is one of the best locations to go if you love antique jewelry and you have lot’s of time at hand. The way that Tumblr is organised makes it really conducive to easily finding the style or era that interests you. The search tabs beneath the bar, very much like pinterest, enables you to…