Who Keeps The Engagement Ring?

It would be nice to think that, when a relationship breaks down, things could still at least be amicable. Being friendly might be a step too far but, in an ideal world, we will all try to be reasonable. The problem, of course, is that reason is usually the first victim of a breakup. And…

Something Blue for weddings

Understanding Something Blue…

Most people are familiar with the rhyme “Something old, something new something borrowed, something blue”, and the fact that it is associated with a wedding, specifically with the bride on her wedding day and things she should carry about her person to bring good luck.

Black Diamonds vs. White Diamonds

What we generally think of as diamonds, the largely clear, glass-like precious stones that have been many a girl’s best friend are actually white diamonds. Although not actually white, of course, this is the color name used for all clear stones in the world of jewelry. Diamonds come in a surprisingly wide range of colors,…

Emerald and Floral Engagement Rings

Top 8 Most Famous Emerald Rings

Emeralds make some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. In history, influential people worldwide have bought emeralds for themselves or their loved ones. Here are some of the boldest and the biggest emerald pieces that have made it to history books. Emeralds are also the Birthstone for the month of May.