Three-stone Engagement Rings

Guide for Three-Stone Engagement Rings

A three-stone engagement ring is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. When you ask your loved one to marry you with this ring, you start a love story that is carefully woven into the fine tapestry of legendary symbols. Three-stone engagement rings are beautiful and simple at the same time. They suggest that you are starting a new step in your life.

Three-stone rings, which are also called trinity rings or trilogy rings, let you show your partner more than one feeling. This is because each stone represents an important thing. People love three-stone engagement rings because they have three times as much love and sparkle. Come with me as I explain more about a three-stone ring that can help you start a new part of your love story.

What to Look for in a Three-Stone Engagement Rings

To find the right ring, you need to know what you want, find a good design, and pick a reputable seller. Find the best three-stone engagement ring for your style and price by following these steps:

Trusted Seller

Picking a seller you can trust is important to make sure you get a good piece of jewelry for the price. We’ve seen a lot of companies over the years, and there are a few that really stand out. There are a lot of beautiful diamond rings at great prices at James Allen and Blue Nile. Another trustworthy store that sells designer three-stone rings and super ideal cut diamonds is Estate Diamond Jewelry. For colored gemstones and diamond replacements, Leibish & Co. is a great place to go.

Diamond Shape

What kind of shape the center stone and side stones are makes a big difference in how the ring looks. For a more basic or traditional look, think about oval and round brilliant shapes. If you want a trendy look, choose a princess or radiant cut. You could also try different forms, like a heart-shaped stone or a marquise diamond.

Make sure that the style of setting you choose for your stone is safe and secure.

Cut Quality

The diamond cut is one of the most important factors in how beautiful and bright a diamond is. We strongly advise that you only look at Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds as main stones. You can get a better cut by lowering your carat weight. This is a smart use of your money. A smaller, brighter diamond works much better than a bigger, duller one.

Setting Style

Think about what style of engagement ring you like best, whether it’s one with a halo, vintage details, or clean lines. If you like old things or more current styles, you might want to look for rings that match your taste. The diamond ring you get could be simple or have more of a personality. Either way is fine.

Don’t forget to think about how you live. If you work with your hands or are busy outside, you might want to choose a safe, low-profile setting like a channel or bezel ring. It is less likely to damage or get caught on something.

Precious Metal

The color of the precious metal changes how the diamond looks in different ways. With a higher diamond color, white gold and platinum look better together, while rose gold and yellow gold stand out. Two types of gold, 14K and 18K, are strong and can handle daily wear well. The more durable platinum is, the more expensive it is.

History of Three Stone Engagement Rings

Trio or trinity rings, also known as three-stone rings, have an extensive history and deep meaning. Different cultures have given them different significance, but the three stones are believed to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship, making them an important choice for couples. Three-stone engagement rings, with diamonds and colored stones like sapphires or rubies, gained popularity during the Victorian era. The style evolved during the Edwardian era, known for its intricate metalwork and delicate patterns. De Beers popularized diamond engagement rings, making the three-stone ring a timeless choice.

The Symbolism of Three-Stone Engagement Rings

The round engagement ring with three stones holds a powerful and significant meaning. It symbolizes how a couple’s past, present, and future come together to create a love story that transcends time. These rings, also known as “trinity” rings, represent the three essential stages of a relationship: friendship, love, and loyalty. For religious individuals, the three-stone diamond engagement ring is imbued with the power of the Holy Trinity. Many couples who are deeply in love choose this type of ring to represent the three most meaningful promises they make to each other. Furthermore, these rings are fashionable and are sure to capture anyone’s heart.

Why Three-Stone Engagement Rings is Famous?

The De Beers Trilogy Campaign in 2001 made these engagement rings famous as the Past, Present, and Future Rings. They are style statements that mean a lot. The trio diamond engagement ring that Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle when he asked her to marry him in 2017 may be the most well-known one made in recent years. It has a cushion-shaped diamond from Botswana in the middle and two round brilliants from the collection of the late Princess Diana on either side. Check these noticeable three-stone engagement rings:

Antique Art Deco Three-Stone Cannes Sapphire Ring

Antique Art Deco Three-Stone Cannes Sapphire Ring

First in the list is two old European-cut diamonds on either side of a 1.05-carat cushion-cut natural sapphire, this antique three-stone ring is a real conversation piece. There are about 0.20 carats of diamonds in total, and they are all J color and SI1 to SI2 quality. The platinum mounting was made by hand, and the under-gallery has custom carvings. Art Deco style rings like this one were popular around 1925.

Chaumont Ring

Chaumont Ring

A pearl and two old mine-cut diamonds set in a vertical row make up this antique three-stone engagement ring. The diamonds are set in bands and have an overall color of I and a clarity of SI1. The weight of all the diamonds in the center is about 0.38 carats. The side stones with the leaf pattern are set parallel to the center stones and have about 0.21 carats of single-cut diamonds on them. It is made of platinum on 18k yellow gold and has French markings on it. This ring was made by hand in the Edwardian era, around 1900.

Denton Ring

Denton Ring

A vintage three-stone ring with a 1.88-carat old European cut diamond set in prongs and having color J and clarity VS1. Two old European-cut diamonds, each about 0.50 carats, stand on either side of the center stone. They are I-J color and VS2-SI1 clarity. This ring was made by hand in platinum on 18k yellow gold around 1905. It is from the Edwardian era.

Massachusetts Ring

Massachusetts Ring

A 1.56-carat marquise-cut colored diamond with a color of Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow is set in this three-stone ring. The stone in the middle is set in yellow gold pins. Two pear-shaped diamonds are set on either side of the center stone with prongs. About 0.92 carats is how much the side diamonds weigh all together. This ring is made by hand from platinum and 18k yellow gold.

Westvale Ring

Westvale Ring

Lastly, A 2.04-carat old European cut diamond with J color and VS1 clarity is set in bands in the middle of this antique three-stone engagement ring. The diamond is surrounded by two round sapphires that are set in rings and weigh a total of 2.56 carats. An under-gallery fleur-de-lis design is on the handmade platinum mounting. Art Deco rings like this one were popular around 1930.

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