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Top Instagram Vintage Jewelry

The definition of “vintage” is somewhat disputed by those who deal in such items across all sorts of genres and marketplaces. In jewelry terms, though, there is a pretty much-agreed definition. Vintage jewelry is over 20 years old but under 100; after that, it’s antique. Of course, there are lots of antique pieces available and are highly collectible as those 80 years cover many different design periods and fashions. Jump in to the list of our Instagram Vintage Jewelry accounts.

Because vintage jewelry can often be bought quite cheaply, pieces are especially popular with new and younger collectors, as can be witnessed by the number of Instagram accounts showing those collections off. Here, we look at some of the best accounts which focus on vintage jewelry.

1. Leighton Jewels

Vintage Jewelry with different gemstone color

Leighton Jewels have a “look but don’t touch” vibe, but they’re still worth following. From SJP’s red carpet jewels to Billie Eilish’s Oscars earrings, the brand has a long list of impressive famous clients. All of the pieces are unique and extremely charming.

Elegant and trendy jewelry graces their Instagram account. Beautiful diamond necklaces and pearl earrings from Leighton Jewels enhance any ensemble. Luxury lovers should choose Leighton Jewels. Fashionistas associate it with sophistication.

Precision and dedication go into each Leighton Jewels creation, which will be appreciated forever. Instagram their latest designs and be inspired by their timeless beauty. Leighton Jewels features everything from elegant everyday accessories to stunning special occasion jewels. Your jewelry collection will look stunning with Leighton Jewels.

2. Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate diamond jewelry diamond ring in a finger of a lady

There is a beautiful collection of antique and vintage jewelry on Estate Diamond Jewelry‘s Instagram. They have a lot of beautiful and rare jewelry, like vintage engagement rings and other pieces that will last for generations. In fact, they have 68K fans. You can see the beauty and skill of each piece on their account, which has high-quality pictures and videos. To build a feeling of community among jewelry lovers, they also interact with their audience by sharing stories and testimonials.

3. Kimono Dragon Nyc

Kimonodragon vintage jewelries

Buyer Laura’s jewelry is a bit more costumey. Most of the things on her feed are big necklaces and bands with lots of holes in them. Her clothes really make an outfit stand out, and she puts them on herself a lot, which helps with the size.

Kimono Dragon NYC combines Japanese beauty with New York City flair. Their Instagram account features a mix of styles, including kimono-inspired fashion and accessories that represent Japanese culture. Kimono Dragon NYC adds ethnic sophistication to fashion with silk kimonos and redesigned pieces.

Each garment is meticulously made to commemorate Japanese textile skill and workmanship. A growing number of fashion-forward people visit Kimono Dragon NYC to make a statement with their style. Follow them on Instagram to see their latest collections and find the right Japanese-inspired piece for your wardrobe.

4. Bonhams Jewels

bonhamsjewels vintage ring with colorful gemstone

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, I recommend going to Bonhams Jewels because theirs are generally the best. Although they do have some modern pieces, their signed and vintage collections are so beautiful that you’ll spend hours just scrolling through them.

Bonhams Jewels unveils a world where every item of jewelry has a story. They post stunning jewels on Instagram that combine history, luxury, and craftsmanship. Bonhams Jewels attracts collectors and connoisseurs with rare jewels and renowned designs.

Bonhams is known for its fine jewelry expertise and 250-year history. Each post on their Instagram account shows the interesting world of jewelry auctions and the gorgeous objects in their auction rooms. Follow Bonhams Jewels on Instagram for luxurious and elegant jewelry.

5. Picobeco

picobeco 1923 ring

There are a lot of different styles in the Picobe Collection, which is another great account for everyday wear. This is the account to follow if you want to find a vintage piece with individual initials.

The Picobe Collection LLC Instagram account, @picobeco, shows off a lovely collection of home decor items that were made by hand. Picobe Collection LLC has a lot of one-of-a-kind things, like ceramic planters and woven baskets, that can make any room more interesting and personal.

The skilled artists who make each item do so with great care, so they are not only decorative items but also works of art. Followers can see where the ideas for their designs come from and how they’re made through this account, which is a visual trip into their world of creativity and craftsmanship.

6. Antique Animal Jewelry

antiqueanimaljewelry Vintage pendant with keys and different gemstone

The @antiqueanimaljewelry Instagram account for Antique Animal Jewelry is run by Evie georgianjewelry and is all about antique Georgian and Victorian fine jewelry.

The account shows off a beautiful collection of rare and odd jewelry, such as snake rings, bracelets, jewelry for mourning, and jewelry with animal and plant themes. With 109K members, the account shows off beautiful jewelry from the past and gives us a look into their beauty and skill.

7. Bigohbijoux

bigohbijoux vintage ring in a finger

Olivia, a curator from New York, has an account full of super dangerous old and antique clothes that you can wear every day. We have the perfect gift for you—from her unique charms to her gold chains, you’ll be reviewing all the jewelry you own.

Big Oh Bijoux has a lot of jewelry for all different styles and events. They have delicate necklaces that give off a subtle grace and big statement necklaces that make you stand out. Gorgeous earrings, graceful bracelets, and exquisite rings make up their collection. Each one shows how skilled and creative the makers were.

A sought-after hub for high-quality work and classic style, with a strong following of fashionistas. Big Oh Bijoux is the place to go if you want to add a bit of class to your wardrobe.

8. Caron Power Jewelry

caronpowerjewelry green gemstone ring in a finger

A self-confessed “lover of vintage jewelry”, Caron has lots of images of the pieces she owns, in her account. Most are not chosen because they have a high monetary value but for their charm and general appeal. There are, though, some real gems (no pun intended!) here, such as this very unusual Art Deco abalone ring.

Caron also looks for the unusual when on the search for new pieces. One great example is this very pretty Stanhope anchor pendant. A French pendant with a viewing window shows a glimpse of Lourdes. Also, caron is clearly an enthusiastic collector of vintage jewelry, and the account is well worth a browse.

9. Vallies Vintage

valliesvintage art deco ring in a jewelry box

Vallies Vintage is another account where the owner clearly has a love for all jewelry of the vintage variety. There are lots of great art nouveau-inspired pieces here that bring all the colors of the rainbow to life beautifully. Everything from rings to pins, to earrings and bracelets is here, and in all the design types you can imagine.

One of the more unusual items here is a vintage cameo brooch which not only has what appears to be a Roman lady of some standing on it, but the lady herself is wearing a tiara, earrings, and pendant set. They are almost certainly not original and will have been added more recently, but the effect is very nice!

10. Broshka4you

broshka4you vintage necklace

We’re going to have to be honest here, and say that our knowledge of the Russian language is pretty limited, so it’s just as well that a picture can paint a thousand words on this Kyiv-based account. There are some stunning pieces here, from all around the world including a stunning English pewter shield brooch that evokes visions of anglo-saxon warriors fighting the Northmen

Nature featured greatly in art nouveau, and its influences have been seen in every period of design since then. Flowers, butterflies, and other insects are very well represented here, such as in this stunning gilded Dragonfly brooch. In simple quality terms, this account is outstanding for the beauty of its images.

11. My Vintage Jewelry

myvintagejewelry pearl vintage jewelry in instagram

Stretching the notion of vintage a little, but still well worth a look. My Vintage Jewelry doesn’t so much feature genuine vintage pieces, but rather more modern vintage-inspired designs. There is just about everything you can imagine here from hair clips to vintage tea cups and, if we’re happy to suspend our views on what really is vintage, there are some very pretty designs here.

Again, art nouveau influences are obvious here, with colored stones and other materials used to bring vintage right up to date like these lovely coral-colored earrings or this delightful scalloped necklace. Vintage may not always be vintage as we know it, but when it looks this good, it’s hard to ignore either way!

12. Faye Raven Collective

fayeravencollective vintage bracelet in a hand of a lady Instagram Vintage Jewelry

If you like your vintage jewelry a little more “industrial”, Faye Raven Collective is for you! Turquoise dominates the theme with silver, pewter, and other metals creating a fantastic effect. Much of what is shown is Native American influenced, including this Navajo sterling silver and turquoise ring which shows that gemstones don’t always need to be free of flaws and inclusions to be spectacular.

Inlays in jewelry are something we don’t see so much anymore, so we were delighted to see this terrific example of a design inlay in this lovely Zuni Bracelet which shows that true craftsmanship is still very much alive. Vintage jewelry that pushes boundaries. A pleasurable way to get lost.

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