Five Epic Art Deco Earrings

It’s hard to come by genuine Art Deco jewelry, especially pieces of quality. Most of the stuff out there is either poorly made new imitations or shoddily made pieces that couldn’t possibly be worn. I’m sure there are some more Art Deco pieces but I’m only including the ones available for the public to purchase, and not the pieces that belong to a private person or museum.

Here’s my list of the top five Epic Art Deco Earrings.

1) These Earrings are from the late Deco period but they’re amazing and are a great example of the classic Art Deco Era. The geometric symmetry is fascinating. Estate Diamond Jewelry has lots more Art Deco Earrings and plenty of Victorian and Edwardian Earrings too.


2) A Stunning classic Art Deco Earring. Circa 1920. The geometric shapes scream Art Deco Era. These earrings are 14 carats and they sure look it! FD inspired have lots more amazing Deco Earrings.

3) An Epic Art Deco Pair of Earring by Mkhordipour. These are rare and beautiful and optimize the creme-de-la-creme of Art Deco Era.

4) These Earrings auctioned at Christies are tremendous. A classic example of the repetitive circles and lines so often used in Art Deco Jewelry. Adorned with Natural Salt Water Pearls, these earrings are amazing! Circa 1930.

Christies is a always a great place to bid on great Art Deco Pieces.

5) A fantastic example of sapphires supporting the Art Deco motif and design. What an amazing pair of earrings.

What are your favorite Art Deco Earrings? Tell us in the comments below.

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