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Five Epic Art Deco Earrings

It’s hard to come by genuine Art Deco jewelry, especially pieces of quality. Most of the stuff out there is either poorly made new imitations or shoddily made pieces that couldn’t possibly be worn. I’m sure there are some more Art Deco pieces but I’m only including the ones available for the public to purchase, and not the pieces that belong to a private person or museum.

Here’s my list of the top five Epic Art Deco Earrings.

1. Victorian and Edwardian Earrings

Vintage art deco earrings with pearl

These Earrings are from the late Deco period but they’re amazing and are a great example of the classic Art Deco Era. The geometric symmetry is fascinating. Estate Diamond Jewelry has lots more Art Deco Earrings and plenty of Victorian and Edwardian Earrings too. Art Deco earrings have geometric shapes, bright colors, and complicated patterns. Diamonds, sapphires, and platinum are often used as materials.

Different types of Victorian earrings were made at different times. The early ones had elaborate metalwork, the middle ones had sentimental designs, and the later ones had designs full of gemstones. Edwardian earrings are known for their delicate designs, with patterns like bows and flowers and filigree work that looks like lace. Often, they are set in platinum. The different styles and levels of beauty in these earrings show how well they were made at each age.

2. Circa 1920

girl wearing a Circa 1920 earring

A Stunning classic Art Deco Earring. Circa 1920. The geometric shapes scream Art Deco Era. These earrings are 14 carats and they sure look it! FD Inspired has lots more amazing Deco Earrings.

Art Deco earrings from around 1920 are a great example of the period’s bold, geometric style. A lot of the time, these earrings had straight lines, uniformity, and a mix of materials like platinum, diamonds, and bright gemstones.

Art Deco diamond stud earrings are a famous style from this time. They have a single big diamond set in the middle and smaller diamonds or geometric metalwork around it. These earrings are very classy and expensive, like the glitz and glam of the Roaring Twenties.

The Art Deco chandelier style is another popular choice. These earrings hang long and have elaborate metalwork and gemstones that decorate them. At the time, these earrings went well with the slim flapper-style dresses that were popular. They added a touch of class and sparkle to evening wear.

Art Deco earrings from around 1920 are very rare and sought after because they are beautifully made and will always look good. They are still a sign of the wealth and talent of the Art Deco era because they are a unique mix of modernism and luxury.

3. Earrings by Mkhordipour

Gold Earrings from Mkhordipour

An Epic Art Deco Pair of Earrings by Mkhordipour. These are rare and beautiful and optimize the creme-de-la-creme of the Art Deco Era.

Art Deco Earrings by Mkhordipour: This pair of earrings is just as beautiful as the rest of Mkhordipour’s beautiful Art Deco jewelry. Made in the 1920s, these earrings are a great example of the big, geometric styles that were popular at the time.

Platinum was used to make these earrings, which have sparkling diamonds and bright jewels like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies set in filigree work. Mkhordipour’s Art Deco pieces are known for their use of clashing colors and symmetrical patterns, which give the design depth and make it more interesting to look at.

Each diamond in these earrings is set with great care to make it shine and sparkle. The attention to detail is truly amazing. These earrings really make a statement because of the striking difference between the shiny platinum and the bright gemstones.

These Art Deco earrings by Mkhordipour are more than just jewelry. They are works of art that capture the style and glamour of the 1920s and 1930s. They will be loved for many years to come because of how beautiful they are and how well they were made.

4. Christie’s Circa 1930

Christie's Circa 1930 diamond earrings

4) These Earrings auctioned at Christies are tremendous. A classic example of the repetitive circles and lines so often used in Art Deco Jewelry. Adorned with Natural Salt Water Pearls, these earrings are amazing! Circa 1930. Christies is a always a great place to bid on great Art Deco Pieces.

Many people know Christie’s as a great place to buy and sell art, gold, and other expensive things. It’s likely that around 1930, Christie’s would have had ears that were in style during the Art Deco era.

During this time, Art Deco earrings often had geometric shapes, bright colors, and were made of expensive materials like diamonds, pearls, and valuable metals. These earrings were meant to stand out and be noticed. They often have very complicated designs and details.

Christie’s would have put together a group of earrings from this time that showed off the best design and craftsmanship. These earrings, which show how rich and stylish people lived in the 1930s, would have been highly sought after by owners and fans alike.

The earrings at Christie’s from around 1930 would have been very elegant and sophisticated during the Art Deco era. They are classic pieces that still fascinate and inspire people today.

5. Sapphires supports the Art Deco

Sapphire art deco

A fantastic example of sapphires supporting the Art Deco motif and design. What an amazing pair of earrings.

The Art Deco style was greatly aided by sapphires, especially in the field of jewelry creation. The 1920s and 1930s saw the height of the Art Deco movement, which was characterized by strong geometric designs, vivid colors, and an air of wealth and modernity.

Because of their deep blue color, sapphires were highly valued and matched the era’s aesthetic tastes. Sapphires became an essential component of Art Deco jewelry design because they added brilliant color, geometric accuracy, and an air of luxury to the movement’s tenets and aesthetics.

What are your favorite Art Deco Earrings? Tell us in the comments below.

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