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Engagement Ring Styles 2024

Choosing an engagement ring is challenging, especially when new styles are popular. This article covers 2024’s top engagement ring trends. We predicted these developments based on diamond experts’ predictions, 2023 shoppers’ searches, and rising searches. Find your ideal engagement ring with our list of Engagement ring styles in 2024.

What is Trending?

Engagement ring in Finger

Choosing an engagement ring is challenging, especially when new styles are popular. This article covers 2024’s top engagement ring trends. We predicted these developments based on diamond experts’ predictions, 2023 shoppers’ searches, and rising searches. Couples are choosing more and more unique and personalized styles for their engagement ring, which is different from the norm. While classic solitaires are still popular, sapphires and emeralds, which are not commonly used jewels, are becoming more popular because they add bright colors to rings. Modern options include rose gold and mixed-metal bands. Also, sustainability is becoming more important, as shown by the rise of lab-grown diamonds and eco-friendly materials. In the changing world of engagement rings, this big change shows how custom, individuality, and a dedication to doing the right thing are coming together.

Coloured Gemstones

green Gemstone engagement ring

People have been putting colored gemstones in engagement and wedding rings for a long time, but the more popular and standard white diamond ring takes the spotlight. But that doesn’t make them less special. They’re becoming more and more popular among couples who want something a little different, whether they like simple looks or ones that are bold and dramatic.

When you want to make a statement, sapphires are a beautiful and royal choice. Just ask Princess Kate Middleton, who wears the late Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire ring. Emeralds are also very bold and add a splash of color to any outfit for those who like to dress up a bit every day.

For a more understated look, a blush pink diamond or a light yellow canary stone is a common choice.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire ring style in finger

A trend that Cardi B, Scarlett Johansson, and Kourtney Kardashian all like is single engagement rings with different styles. This style is expected to stay popular until 2024. This classic style choice isn’t just for celebs; regular people, like Kim, also like how these rings look over time. Kim says that the classic and simple shape of these rings brings out the beauty and elegance of the single center stone, making a focus point that is both sophisticated and hard to describe. Even though engagement rings have been around for decades, they are still popular because makers are always coming up with new ways to make them look different. Kim’s Floating Diamond Trace Ring and Oval Crescendo Flare Ring are great examples of this classic style. They show how engagement ring design is always changing and getting better.

Heirloom Stones

wearing Heirloom ring with emerald Stone

Jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation is very special. That’s why heirloom pieces, especially engagement rings, are always a great choice for wedding decorations. They add a personal touch and have many other great qualities that most jewelry doesn’t have.

Along with that, heirloom stones are a beautiful choice for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint; they are a long-lasting option for people who care about the earth. family pieces are often chosen by couples who want to wear jewelry that is both ethical and environmentally friendly. This is because family stones are recycled from one generation to the next. Plus, these stones can be used as “something old” in your engagement ring on your wedding day.

Custom Design

3 stone style design ring

Our favorite engagement ring trend for next year is one that lets you make your own ring. As more and more modern couples look for alternatives to standard weddings, they choose rings that reflect who they are and their love stories.

For example, American rapper, singer, and songwriter Machine Gun Kelly asked Megan Fox to marry him with a unique engagement ring that had two big stones, one an emerald and the other a white diamond. This type of setting is called a “Toi et Moi” setting. That’s not all—the ring itself is even more unique. It’s made up of two rings with bands of thorns that, when worn together, look like an unclear heart.

When you make your own engagement ring styles, don’t forget to include something special that means something to you and your partner. You want your ring to have a story and show that your love can’t be broken. No longer is it just about the size; it’s about finding a way to represent your unique journey in an everyday symbol.

Cathedral Engagement Rings

Cathedral Engagement Ring in a finger

Thanks to its resemblance to the arches of old churches, the cathedral setting has quickly become a popular style for engagement rings. With this design, the bride-to-be can show her love for customs.

There is a stone in the middle of a cathedral engagement ring setting, and metal arches rose up from the band around it. It holds the center stone firmly in place and gives it a unique shape. The bottom of the ring looks almost like a basket because of the raised setting. In this scene, we can see ceilings or doorways from old churches built in the Gothic style. This style of engagement ring is seriously dreamy.


Double-Banded ring with diamond

As more couples look for engagement rings that aren’t the usual diamond or halo styles, new and creative designs come out. One of these new options is an engagement ring with two bands.

The double-banded engagement ring is a new and different style in engagement rings. It builds on the stacked band trend that we see in everyday fashion. There is a clear space between the two bands, which makes it look like the center stone is floating or hanging between them. It doesn’t look as standard, but it still says something.

Ring Stacks

Ring Stacks Engagement ring in a finger

It’s now trendy to stack engagement rings, which is a new take on the traditional idea of an engagement band that stands alone. Modern fashion involves putting several rings on one finger at the same time, making a unique and eye-catching design. Couples can show off their creativity by adding different metals, gemstones, and designs to the stack. This makes it a dynamic and one-of-a-kind symbol of their style and loyalty. You can show off your individuality in many ways with this trend, such as by adding bands that match or mix styles for a more eclectic look. While ring stacks make it easy to make changes, they also let the collection grow over time, making it an important and lasting reminder of the couple’s journey.

Ring stacks can be worn by both men and women because they are so versatile. This means that both partners can join this trend for expression. Adding stackable bands is a creative way for men to enhance the uniqueness of their wedding rings, allowing for versatile and personalized styles. People in a relationship can add new rings to the stack to mark important events in their relationship as they happen. Ring stacks with engagement bands basically change the meaning of the traditional sign of commitment. They offer a modern and changing way to show love that changes with each couple’s journey.

Mixed Metal

Mixed Metal engagement rings

It’s possible to call these rings “two-tone settings” because they combine two or more metals into a sophisticated and unique design. Notes of money. In addition to their unique look, two-tone rings are also useful: a customer may want a yellow or rose gold band with a diamond in the middle, but white gold points bring out the diamond’s coldness. Customers who want a warm-toned band can make sure that their colorless diamond really stands out with white gold points on mixed metal designs.


East-West style diamond ring

East-West engagement rings have a classic shape with a long stone put horizontally across the band to make it stand out. If you flip the stone over so it sits perpendicular to the finger, it makes the finger look bigger, which means the finish will be powerful and stand out.

This ninety-degree rotation also gives your ring a current look that doesn’t go too far from the norm.

The East-West engagement ring possesses a distinctive charm that sets it apart from other styles, making it truly unique. Inspired by the geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement, this design emerged as an alternative to the detailed and intricate designs of the Edwardian era.

Also, the East-West ring stood in stark contrast to the flowery versions made by French high-end jewelers around the turn of the century.

Engagement bands with an East-West orientation incorporate a range of traditional long stone shapes, including marquise, emerald, oval, and pear.

When put East-West, an emerald cut gives off a linear look and brings out the long, clean lines of the step-cut facet structure. With its curved edges and bright, sparkling facet structure, an oval has a softer feel. A rotated marquise cut, on the other hand, gives an old-fashioned design a classy update. It’s possible to play around with the pointed end of the pear and put it in either direction, making the pear cut the most interesting of all of them.

Lab Diamonds

Diamond ring in a girl's finger wearing sweater

Choosing lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, is a good option for those who prioritize ethics and environmental considerations over natural diamonds. These diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. Certainly, skilled artisans meticulously create these diamonds using controlled methods, such as High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).Lab-grown diamonds attract individuals in search of environmentally-friendly jewelry, given their minimal impact on the Earth and production under controlled and ethical conditions. A more cost-effective production process also makes them affordable, which means that a bigger audience can buy them. More and more lab-grown diamonds are becoming available and accepted as technology improves. They are a great choice for people who like new ideas, ethical concerns, and affordable fine jewelry options.

Searchlab diamonds are becoming a more common alternative because they are optically, chemically, and physically the same as natural diamonds. Money, who wants to end the taboo around lab diamonds. Customers are aware of the value of lab diamonds because they don’t come from mining, look like real diamonds, and can be much cheaper. Lab-grown diamonds are gaining increasing popularity worldwide, whether utilized as the main stone or as additions to bring vibrant colors to a setting.

Final Thoughts

As we move through the year 2024, engagement bands will continue to change to reflect different tastes and shifting social norms. New designs are giving the classic solitaire diamond a new look, and East-West settings, with their horizontal orientation, have become a symbol of modern love stories. They offer a new take on an old custom. Lab-grown diamonds have also become popular, not only because they are better for the environment and ethics, but also because they are cheaper, which means that more people can buy high-quality gems.

As people become more concerned with the environment and their own uniqueness, the engagement ring styles of 2024 will be flexible, customizable, and different from the standard. The move toward more conscious and creative choices is evident in the unique setting styles, ethical material sourcing, and the introduction of new lab-grown diamonds. They are changing the story of love and commitment in the modern world.

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