Top 10 Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

Top 10 Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

Given the current celebrity trend for engagement rings that contain large, impossible-to-ignore diamonds, it’s easy to forget that designs haven’t actually changed all that much in the last one hundred years. The center stones today have indeed increased in size as the relative wealth of the wearer has increased. Still, the basic style has persevered through an ever-changing world dominated by fashions that go almost as quickly as they arrive.

What is a Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Ring with Ruby and crown design around it

People will know the classic elegance and strength of vintage platinum engagement rings. Since platinum is strong and can hold valuable stones safely, it is a popular choice for vintage rings. Platinum is a naturally white metal. The delicate elements included in vintage designs, including milgrain edges or filigree work, add to their appeal.

These rings come in a variety of designs, from Edwardian floral themes to Art Deco geometric shapes, all of which capture the artistic sensibilities of their respective eras. To guarantee that the vintage platinum engagement ring you choose will hold its worth and beauty for many years to come, it’s critical to take into account the craftsmanship, authenticity, and condition of the piece.

1. 1 Carat Blue Sapphire Engraved Castle Engagement Ring

Blue Sapphire Engraved Castle Engagement Ring

This platinum Art Deco filigree antique design blue sapphire engagement ring features a 1.02-carat round brilliant cut natural blue sapphire in a castle setting. The sides of the setting include 12 diamonds, while the shoulders of the ring have 4 diamonds each. The ring has a double millgrain edge and an etched geometric motif.

Stunning from every perspective, this 1920s-inspired heritage sapphire ring is a timeless piece!

2. Art Deco Crown Filigree Scrolls Amethyst

Art Deco Crown Filigree Scrolls Amethyst

This platinum Art Deco filigree antique design blue sapphire engagement ring features a 1.02-carat, brilliant cut natural blue sapphire in a castle setting. Sides of the setting include 12 diamonds, while the shoulders of the ring have 4 diamonds each. The ring has a double millgrain edge and an etched geometric motif.

Stunning from every perspective, this 1920s-inspired heritage sapphire ring is timeless!

3. Tiffany & Co. 0.45 Carat Lucida Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. 0.45 Carat Lucida Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A gorgeous Tiffany & Co.-patented Lucida cut diamond engagement ring. An exquisite four-claw setting holds the I-color, VVS1-clarity diamond, which is internally stamped with the diamond registration number and carat weight.

4. Round diamond solitaire engagement ring

The Grace, a platinum six-claw engagement ring, gracefully displays the round diamond center. Our most popular platinum solitaire engagement ring with exquisite proportions highlights the diamond prominently set for the world to see. The Grace sets diamonds and colored gemstones with four claws for forms other than round.

5. Art Nouveau-inspired round diamond solitaire engagement ring

Art Nouveau-inspired round diamond solitaire engagement ring

The Art Nouveau trend is one of the best examples of nature’s beauty. Art Nouveau is known for its use of swirling lines that look like the shapes of lilies, vines, and rivers. One of our favorite solitaire engagement rings was inspired by this style. The Nouveau has a round diamond that sparkles and is held in place by graceful, curved eagle claws. This platinum engagement ring has a single stone set in it. The thin collar that holds the stone in place makes it stand out. The platinum shank of the ring comes to life with curved lines. It has a polished court shape and grooved ends.

6. Art Deco Filigree Antique Style 3 Stone Diamond Ring

This exquisite 3-stone diamond vintage Art Deco filigree platinum ring with a scroll design on the top and sides. This stunning 3-stone platinum ring has a 0.12-carat center round brilliant cut diamond framed by two 0.10-carat diamonds. The ring has 0.32 carats of E/F color, VS clarity diamonds. Select natural or lab-created diamonds to design your ring!

This stunning antique-inspired platinum three-stone ring is the perfect “double duty” engagement and wedding ring for a girl who doesn’t want to wear two rings or for anyone who wants a unique ring with antique detail without high-set prongs to get in the way of a busy daily routine.

7. 1920’s Style Art Deco Low Dome Filigree Emerald Ring

1920's Style Art Deco Low Dome Filigree Emerald Ring

A vivid 0.13-carat round brilliant natural emerald (May Birthstone) sparkles in the center of this 1920s platinum Art Deco filigree low dome ring. This stunning emerald ring has hand-finished filigree openwork on the top and sides and flowers and nature-themed etching on the band.

This beautiful platinum filigree emerald ring has a low profile design with a flush set center gemstone, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a ring with antique detail that won’t “catch” on things and disrupt their busy daily routine.

8. Sapphire And Sapphire Halo Platinum Sorrento Ring

Sapphire And Sapphire Halo Platinum Sorrento Ring

A natural 1.32-carat elongated cushion-cut sapphire with lively blue intensity is set in this beautiful platinum ring. The center is surrounded by a ring of French-cut sapphires. The sides are adorned with old European-cut diamonds.

This ring is 11.47 mm wide and 10.45 mm tall, which includes the halo around the outside.

You can change the size of this ring to fit any finger. The size is 6.5 right now.

9. Old Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Old Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This really is a piece of art. This is a beautiful Edwardian engagement ring with a bright white, clean, and lively old mine-cut diamond set in a beautifully made setting. The center stone is held in place by three split shoulders set with 26 old-cut and eight-cut diamonds. These shoulders lead to a thin, knife-edge platinum stem. Truly, truly wonderful.

10. Selene Oval Vintage Platinum engagement ring

Selene Oval engagement ring

The Selene ring is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, and it represents how love can bring light into the dark and show you the way when it’s not clear. The Selene ring stands out because of its vintage-style band, which is made up of bead-set oval diamonds held in place by alternating round and marquise-shaped platinum accents. This shapely but comfortable band is finished with millgrain details that look like the moon’s stages. They remind us of how devoted love is. This old platinum engagement ring has a round diamond in the middle that shines best. It is held in place by tiny round claws.

History of Platinum Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Ring with Sapphire in a hand of a lady

A diamond set atop a platinum band dates back to the mid-Victorian era, and first became popular during the Art Nouveau period as a demonstration of delicacy and femininity. The ability of platinum not to overwhelm the diamond has kept it popular to this day, and it is still by far among the most common metals used for diamond engagement rings.

The main differences between modern and antique are the fashion-within-a-fashion subtleties that go into the present-day designs. Improved tools and the refinement of cutting and setting techniques mean that designers have a little more flexibility in how a ring should be constructed. Although all this advancement sounds like a positive, it does have its downside. Creating fashionable, high-quality jewelry means that some designs don’t age as well as a classic antique engagement ring, and are highly susceptible to the ever-changing influences of modern fashions.

The reason that antique platinum diamond engagement rings are still so sought after owes a little to luck as well as good management. As platinum became more readily available, so its desirability increased. The physical characteristics of platinum are quite unique, in that it is malleable, stable, and extremely resistant to oxidization. These characteristics mean that as well as keeping its appearance better than gold, there is less evidence of wear and much less distortion of the original band. If you’ve ever seen a very old 24-carat gold wedding ring, for example, they are often slightly flattened on the “bottom” side of the ring as worn, and can even show significant thinning through general wear and tear. Platinum, in contrast usually shows only minor evidence of a patina through friction against the skin.

Tips on Buying a Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

If you’re looking to purchase an antique engagement ring, it’s important to know where to look. Fortunately, there are several reliable options available, including specialized antique jewelers, estate sales, auctions, and credible online platforms. Always make sure to look for a certificate of authenticity when shopping to ensure that you’re getting a genuine antique ring of high quality. These rings have an enduring, romantic appeal that many find captivating, so don’t hesitate to pursue one for yourself or your loved one.

Tips to remember:

  1. Do your own research: It’s important to know the product you’re buying, including its pros and cons and how much it costs. Follow the steps below to learn more.
  2. Appraisal from experts: You must demand an independent appraisal to verify both the value and attributes of the ring. This is crucial to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the ring’s worth and characteristics and are making an informed decision.
  3. Find authenticity: It’s important to exercise caution while purchasing vintage-inspired rings that may imitate old styles but are not authentic antiques.
  4. Ask About Provenance: Learning about the previous owner and the ring’s history could provide valuable insights into its significance and sentimental value.
  5. Get to know the 4Cs: It is important to note that while antique rings may not always perfectly align with modern grading scales, having a clear understanding of the 4Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat – is crucial to effectively assess their quality.
  6. Look up Period Styles: Familiarize yourself with various historical eras such as Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco to determine your preferred style.

Best Places to Buy Platinum Vintage Engagement Rings

I will mention a few but you can always visit our Top 10 Antique Jewelry Stores in the US to know all the best places to buy Vintage Jewelries.

These are some of the best:

  • Estate Diamond Jewelry: Our top pick is Estate Diamond Jewelry, a family-run business in NYC’s Diamond District for 40+ years. They offer carefully selected antique rings and earrings from the 1880s-1970s. Shipping is free with insurance, and they have a 14-day return policy.
  • James Allen:  James Allen is a New York jewelry store that has become the largest e-commerce retailer of diamonds in the US. Founded in 2006, the company boasts an inventory of over 150,000 diamonds at any given time.
  • Blue Nile: Blue Nile has been an online diamond seller since 1999 with over 150,000 diamonds available. All diamonds are graded, so you don’t need to see them in person. Any 1-carat round brilliant diamond of G color and VS2 clarity should be the same. It’s like buying a car. You can buy it online at a cheaper price, assuming the dealer is honest.

Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings Alternative

art deco engagement ring with white box

A custom-designed ring that combines modern components with classic styling is a great substitute for vintage platinum engagement rings. By taking this method, you can pay tribute to the everlasting allure of old design while creating a one-of-a-kind piece that expresses your own tastes and style.

With the help of an experienced jeweler, you can choose a design from a particular historical period—such as Art Deco or Edwardian—and add contemporary elements to it, such as a distinctive setting or a new take on classic patterns. In this manner, you might have a ring that is timeless and unique, a really one-of-a-kind representation of your love.

Famous TV and Movie Platinum Rings

Tv set with Camera and Clapper board

There are a ton of amazing TV and film ideas! While doing research for this post, I had the most joyous and emotional experience viewing recordings of well-loved fictional characters getting engaged. These are my favorites, all with fascinating backstories and incredible bling.

Sweet Home Alabama –  Melanie’s Tiffany Proposal

Credits to Luke.

Reese Witherspoon frequently portrays characters who appear to engage and marry in films! The most famous proposal she ever gets is from her character Melanie Smoother in Sweet Home Alabama, where Patrick Dempsey’s character Andrew asks her out at the Tiffany & Co. store on Fifth Avenue. The scene is set after business hours, and the store is completely staffed so she can choose her own ring in a private, opulent shopping experience. She decides on a platinum setting with a cushion cut center.

Friends – Monica’s 3stone Ring

Credits to TBS.

A Friends reunion is finally in the works, sixteen years later. If you are a true fan of Friends, you will recall the scene in which Chandler asks Monica to marry him and vice versa. The prop ring was donated by Tacori, even though it seems in the screenplay to be an antique. Encircled around a 1.5-carat princess-cut diamond on both sides are unique trillion-cut blue sapphires. This platinum ring has a wheat-patterned hand-engraving detail on the body, signifying fertility, abundance, and life. For the ultimate romantic touch, there are also hidden scrolling hearts beneath the ring’s crown.

Legally Blonde 2 –  Elle Woods’ Pink Stunner

Credits to MOVIECLIPS.

Reese Witherspoon portrays Elle Woods, a pink-obsessed character. Both her brand and distinctive color are that one. I adore that her fiancé, Luke Wilson’s Emmet, chose a distinctive and very “her” engagement ring! Without a doubt, his goal was to locate the ring of her dreams. The stunning Harry Winston ring has a massive 5-carat cushion-cut hot pink sapphire. Two trillion cut diamonds around this stunning gemstone, which is set in platinum.

Titanic – Rose’s Deco Engagement Ring

Credits to 20th Century Studios UK.

Kate Winslet’s character Rose DeWitt Bukater wears a Deco-style engagement ring prop with graded diamond baguettes in the movie Titanic. The famous ring was stunning and had an interesting past, despite Rose’s dissatisfaction with her planned engagement to her wealthy fiancé. Inspired by jewels worn by first-class passengers at the time and a platinum ring discovered in the Titanic’s wreckage, the prop was created.

High Society – Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

Credits to Jewelry Journeys.

Actresses wearing their own expensive jewelry in films was commonplace during Hollywood’s Golden Age (cough, platinum age!). At that time, American actresses were avid jewelry collectors. The actress is more successful and well-liked the more gems she has. With a 10.47 emerald cut diamond in the center and side diamond baguettes, Grace Kelly’s engagement ring—a stunning Cartier platinum stunner—became a prop for her High Society character Tracy Lord, a divorcée.

When Prince Rainier first proposed to Grace, he gave her a modest diamond and ruby band in the style of Europe. Someone must have told the man that this was a poor decision for a well-known Hollywood star! Returning to Cartier, he placed an order for an appropriate upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Given that platinum only became commercially viable to mine in the late 19th century, it’s unlikely that ring manufacturers fully appreciated its longevity, but we certainly reap the rewards today!

Modern-vintage designs have become increasingly popular since the dawn of the age of celebrity, where ring designers set out to recreate genuine Art Deco designs using up-to-date techniques. Modern and antique platinum diamond engagement rings are often difficult to distinguish in the greatest instances.

But it isn’t just the age of a ring that makes it interesting. The best antique rings carry their own history, whether the wearer is famous – or infamous! – or circumstances were such that good or bad luck seems to follow the piece around, genuine antique engagement rings just have a quality that sets them apart from the pack.

Beauty really is more than just skin deep.

Are you planning on getting a platinum engagement ring? Tell us in the comments below. Click here for more Sam’s Blog.

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