What is Masterpiece London?

Masterpiece London is one of the most prestigious art and jewelry fairs in the world. The exhibitors at the international cross-collection fair display museum quality art, objects and jewelry. Though the show is not large, the presence is very important.

The show takes place during a season of important auctions and other events.

The first fair taken place 5 years ago in London. To make the strongest first impression possible, the fair displayed one of the few spitfire planes from WWII. If you are not from England, then you should know that these Spitfire planes won the great battle of Britain against the Germans and was a huge turning point of the War. So this plane is super important and significant.

Do you want to exhibit?

Exhibiting at Masterpiece London is extremely costly. Let me break down the numbers for you. To rent as space/booth will cost you $100,000 pounds. Once you have your booth, you will want to hire an interior designer to make sure your booth looks very important. After you pay for the design and theme you deem fit, you will probably want to buy brand new, clean and important displays for your jewelry.

Lastly, is the insurance and shipping of your jewelry which is always a cost to keep in mind.
If you do not have museum quality, very rare, and highly desirable pieces this show may not be for you. This is not a show to sell dealer to dealers. Important collectors around the world attend the show, and are willing to pay the price for what they are looking for. Also, keep in mind that you will have to make $150,000 pounds of profit just to break even.


Important Jewelry houses which attend the show every year is, Van Cleef and Arpels, Verdura, and Hammerle. While other notable period and antique jewelry display such as S.J. Phillips and Hancocks. Wallace-Chan, a jewelry house in Hong Kong, had one of the biggest presence in Masterpiece. They chose a very dark and gloomy showcase, exhibiting very colorful and important jewelry. People around the show were calling him the next Jaar.

Collectors, Buyers:

If you are a buyer or a collector for museum quality pieces, look no further. Masterpiece is centered you your findings. You will not find any other fair or show around the world, with more of an impressive collection of pieces then this fair.

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