Top 15 Instagram Vintage Jewelry Accounts

Even with the best website design it often isn’t practical to show every single item in a collection on any subject, once the size of that collection passes a certain point, but this is where services like Instagram come in. With the ability to post an entire portfolio of images, suddenly showcasing your best work is easy and it’s no different for designers, collectors and sellers of jewelry.

Here, we show you our top 15 Instagram vintage jewelry accounts.

Instagram Jewelry Accounts

Top 15 List of Accounts

Estate Diamond Jewelry

With a ridiculously fantastic collection of jewels, this boutique is a pleasure to scroll through. Each picture is photographed to wonderfully and browsing through their collection is a true delight.

Estate Diamond jewelry on Instagram


The Eleuteri chain of boutiques are amongst the finest examples of vintage jewelry, often with bold colors and designs and loved by celebrities and royalty the world over. With a history going back more than a century in Italy and, more recently, in NYC, the Eleuteri name is very much one of the names in fine jewelry.

Eleuteri on Instagram

Instagram ScreenshotPlatt Boutique Jewelry

If you want to challenge for the title of King of Bling, you may as well set yourself up in West Hollywood, and that is what siblings Larry and Natasha Platt did in 2005. Specialising in vintage jewelry, the Platt Boutique has become one of the taste-setters for the fashion and entertainment industries and bring a youthful exuberance to the table.

Platt Boutique Jewelry on Instagram

Frank Beverett

Unless you’re lucky enough to attend high-end jewelry auctions, you’ll probably never have heard of Frank Beverett. Beverett is the sales director for the jewelry division of Sotheby’s in New York, and he has been gracious enough to post images of many of the pieces that pass through his hands, including many once owned by the rich and famous. Every picture really does tell a story.

Frank Beverett on Instagram

Fetheray Jewels

London has long been a major center for jewelry designers, makers and collectors alike, and Fetheray have made it their mission to collect as many fine vintage pieces as they can. When a jewelry supplier considers the 1970s to be “modernist”, you know vintage is really where it’s at. Every piece has been hand selected and the images on display are just stunning.

Fetheray Jewels on Instagram

Lang Antiques

Based in San Francisco, Langs have been buying and selling the finest antique jewelry to a discerning customer base for nearly 50 years. From the discreet and understated to the bold and the beautiful, their collection of jewelry is one of the finest in the country.

Lang Antiques on Instagram

One Love Vintage

Based in Moscow, OLV have a fine collection of vintage jewelry with a special emphasis on the Art Deco period. Perfect if you like to tone down the subtlety!

One Love Vintage on Instagram

Revival Cult Vintage

If jewelry with a bit of mystery is your thing, RCV might be right up your street. As well as some classic vintage pieces on display, they have several unusual items including poison rings and earrings designed to carry documents.

Revival Cult Vintage on Instagram

Snows Jewelers

When we talk about vintage jewelry, it’s wasy to forget that not all vintage pieces are bold, brash Art Deco-inspired examples. Snows prove this perfectly, with a subtle touch about all their collection including some very fine diamonds indeed!

Snows Jewelers on Instagram

Zaver and Mor

With an emphasis on sustainable jewelry from local designers, but all in the best antique traditions, Zaver and Mor concentrate on pieces which they believe has gallery qualities. This makes for a unique and eye-popping collection

Zaver and Mor on Instagram

Doyle & Doyle

From pendants and brooches to ring stacks and tiaras, D&D seem to have everything on display that you can imagine. Nothing is too unusual for this NYC dealer.

Doyle & Doyle on Instagram

Jewels by Grace

Another page with the focus very much on taste and aesthetics, rather than bling! Everything from a 2 carat diamond to stacked emeralds are on display and look fabulous.

Jewels by Grace on Instagram

Plaza Jewelry

Inspired by their beginnings in France, Plaza specialise in European jewelry, with several exquisite antique and modern pieces on display. Now in the UK, the search for those special rings and brooches goes on!

Plaza Jewelry on Instagram

Levity Vintage

Although most people in the jewelry trade love what they do, sometimes you come across a genuine fan of the art. Kate at Levity Vintage falls squarely in the middle of that category with her love of all things vintage.

Levity Vintage on Instagram

Phabulos Vintage

With tons of pictures of genuine vintage jewelry, this is a wonderful page to just invest a little of your browsing time. Oh, and you’ll also find the odd picture of Mr Rudy the cat. Phabulos!

Phabulos Vintage on Instagram

The Jewel Diary

The page of a self-confessed jewelry magpie! Expect an eclectic mix of antique Art Deco pieces that make for a very fine collection.

The Jewel Diary on Instagram

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